E4coder GUI - User Interface Prototyping


E4CoderGUI is a tool for fast prototyping of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).

Figure: a E4CoderGUI panel prototyping a motor dashboard with two needles and the Gear plot.


Main Features

E4CoderGUI is useful in the following scenarios:
  • You are designing a control algorithm for a device that requires human interaction, and you need to fast-prototype the user interaction. By using an E4CoderGUI panel, you can create a realistic mock-up that reproduces the object under control, to let your customer or marketing team to evaluate the human-machine interaction. The behavior of the user interface can then be modeled using SMCube state machines.
  • You are designing a control algorithm, and you would like to display information related to the simulation like parameter settings, plots of variables, buttons, and other widgets. You can use a E4CoderGUI panel to create a single window where you can set reference values and as well retrieve the output values.
  • You are connecting your PC to a final target, and you need to display the data coming from the target, or as well set the calibration parameters on the target. In this case, You can use an E4CoderGUI Panel to display the calibration data and the results for the real control. The data are then exchanged with the target system using some communication blocks used in simulation.
  • You are working on a target system with a display, and you would like to design a simple graphical interface, and then generate an application including both the control part as well as the graphical GUI. You can use an E4CoderGUI Panel to design the graphical aspect of your application, and then generate code for the final system.
The current version of E4CoderGUI provides the following functionality:
  • Integration of a E4CoderGUI user interface inside a ScicosLab / XCos diagram, using a customized E4CoderGUI block.
  • Integration of the simulation engines of ScicosLab / XCos with E4CoderGUI for starting, running, stopping a simulation.
  • Simulation of a ScicosLab / XCos diagram including one or more user interface blocks.
  • Code generation of a diagram inside a Qt Panel, to be integrated with the code generated for Linux and Windows.
  • Visual design of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), with undo support.
  • XML file format.
  • Configuration of multiple input and output data with different types.
  • Visualization of the GUI in a window during simulation.
  • Export of GUIs screenshots in PNG format.

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