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E4Box is a ready to use all-in-one embedded computing box which includes all hardware and software needed to perform automatic generation of code, rapid prototyping of control algorithms, allowing you to simulate and run complex control schemes.

E4Box is built on a multi-core PC with data acquisition cards, with a rich set of real-time software tools such as the GNU/Linux operating system, RTAI, and ScicosLab.

In this way, E4Box is able to provide high performance real-time computing integrated with support for Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the same target

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Easy and Ready To Use

E4Box is Fast and Ready to Use, with all software, demos, and documentation preinstalled. E4Box comes with a set of already made examples, including:

  • Data acquisition and plotting;
  • State machines;
  • Automatic Control;
  • Multirate code generation;
  • GUI Panel code generation.

Hardware description

E4Box is packages in a small factor PC Box including an Intel Atom CPU, 2 Gb RAM, a Solid State Hard Drive 60 Gb.
E4Box includes a National Instruments NI PCI-6221 data acquisition board, providing:

  • 16 Analog to Digital inputs (ADC);
  • 2 Digital to Analog converters (DAC);
  • 24 General Purpose Input/Output;
  • 2 counters to support up to 2 Encoder/PWM peripherals.

Customizations of the data acquisition board are also available on request.

Software Versions

E4Box is available in two versions:

E4Box Open Edition

E4Box Open edition includes a set of open and free tools for simulation and code generation.

With E4Box Open edition you will be able to simulate your control algorithms using ScicosLab as well as generate code for RTAI. The generated code directly interface with the Comedi Libraries, giving the possibility to directly acquire and control the input and outputs of the data acquisition board.
Moreover, it will be possible to use XRATILab and QRTAILab to display control information and calibrate the control algorithms.

E4Box Professional Edition

E4Box Professional Edition includes all the software present in E4Box Open Edition, plus the E4Coder toolset.
E4Coder is composed by the following components:

  • E4Coder Code Generator, an efficient embedded code generator for microcontrollers and for general puropose systems;
  • SMCube, a finite state machine modeler and code generator;
  • E4Coder GUI, a prototyping tool for generating Graphical User Interfaces.

E4Coder allows to add features such as multithread code generation, finite state machines, and GUI prototyping as well as GUI code generation for Linux and RTAI.


The following is a quick feature comparison of the two versions available for E4Box. For more informations on the available options and customizations do not hesitate to contact us!


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