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E4Coder is a set of tools that can be used to simulate control algorithms and to generate code for embedded microcontrollers running with or without a realtime operating system.

The idea driving the development of E4Coder was the need for a lightweight set of tools, based on open-source libraries and using open-source software on the target microcontroller, to help in the design of complex systems at reasonable license costs.

Now available for both ScicosLab and Scilab 

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E4Coder is packaged as a set of Toolboxes for Scilab and ScicosLab, a free and open software for simulation of software and system models. In particular, E4Coder includes:

  • E4Coder Code Generator, an efficient embedded code generator for microcontrollers and for general puropose systems;
  • SMCube, a finite state machine modeler and code generator;
  • E4Coder GUI, a prototyping tool for generating Graphical User Interfaces.

E4Coder also directly supports E4Box, which is an all-in-one Rapid prototyping computing box based on GNU/Linux.

The main Features of E4Coder are:

  • Support for Linux and Windows hosts.
  • Simulate continuous and discrete time designs.
  • Edit, simulate and generate code for hierarchical Finite State Machines (FSM) with parallel states support.
  • Edit, simulate and generate code for customized embedded user interface panels using E4CoderGUI.
  • Generate C/C++ code easily from Scilab and XCos diagrams for any embedded platform.
  • Generate compact and readable multithread code for embedded models with multiple rates.
  • Optimized usage of RAM and Flash.
  • Easy retargeting to new MCUs or customized hardware.
  • Generate standalone library code for small microcontrollers without an RTOS.
  • Generate a complete Real-Time project for
    • OSEK/VDX based RTOS, including the open-source Erika Enterprise RTOS.
    • Linux PThread targets, including support for the Comedi libraries.
    • RTAI targets, including support for the Comedi libraries.
    • Bare Metal targets, including support for simple main loops code generation.
    • Windows (soft real-time), including E4CoderGUI Panels, to generate GUI Prototypes easily.
  • Customize the generated code with custom data types and variable names.
  • Create custom blocks to integrate existing legacy applications, functions, and data in your Scilab or  ScicosLab project.


Request a Demo

A fully functional demo version of E4Coder is available! If you want to try it, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Also check these videos:

Videos on target boards:

Videos from scratch:

News and Events

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Aug 23, 2015
Category: General

The video of the E4Coder Presentation at ScilabTec 2015 is now available!

Download the Video : E4Coder Presentation at ScilabTec on YouTube.

Download the presentation: ScilabTec 2015 E4Coder presentation.

Additional documentation and Videos are available here.

Jun 30, 2015
Category: General

San Giuliano Terme, Pisa, Italy – June 30, 2015 – Scilab Enterprises, worldwide leader of open source numerical and scientific computation software together with Evidence Srl, the world's leading supplier of the open source OSEK/VDX
real-time ERIKA Enterprise kernel and developer of E4Coder solutions, today announce the availability of E4Coder for the Scilab platform.
E4Coder is a commercial suite based on Scilab/Xcos and featuring:

  • SMcube: a Finite State Machine modeler and simulator. Integrated with Xcos, it allows the user to develop state-machines implementing the physical part of a classical Xcos model. The editor of SMcube implements a subset of UML that can be developed and debugged graphically. SMCube has already been successfully used in several industrial projects and is fitted for applications in domains like automotive, HVAC and Industrial. 
  • E4Coder GUI: a prototyping tool for generating interactive Graphical User Interfaces.

Code generation capabilities for embedded systems (E4Coder CG) are also planned in the roadmap, and will allow code generation for embedded targets and for Linux systems as well.
All of these advanced simulation features are a first step in the direction of an integrated tool chain following the classical model-based design methods used in the environment of control systems and mechatronics.

“The availability of E4Coder greatly enhances the expressive power available on Scilab/Xcos allowing the simple definition of state machines, integrated with a quick graphical prototyping environment and in the near future with embedded code generation. The partnership with Scilab Enterprises is fundamental to allow Evidence to directly support the Scilab community in the most effective way” said Paolo Gai, the founder and CEO of Evidence Srl and project manager of E4Coder suite.

“The availability of E4Coder module is a first and important step within the partnership between Scilab Enterprises and Evidence. We are glad that Evidence brings its expertise in embedded systems to the Scilab open-source platform and to
the vibrant Scilab community” said Raphaël Auphan, the CEO of Scilab Enterprises, the publisher of Scilab. 

E4Coder Module in Scilab is available immediately at

About Scilab Enterprises: Worldwide leader of open source numerical and scientific computation software, Scilab
supports companies in the implementation of innovative technology solutions. The Scilab software, resulting from the
research originally conducted at Inria, has existed for more than twenty years and is downloaded every month by more
than 100,000 engineers and scientists from 150 countries. Publisher of the Scilab software, the company also provides
businesses with a comprehensive range of Scilab expertise, support, training, migration and development services

About Evidence Srl: based in Italy, Evidence Srl was established at the end of 2002 and operates in the field of
software for real-time embedded (RTE) systems and provides innovative software solutions for the design and
development of RTE systems, with a special focus on multi-core hardware platforms. Evidence is one of the main
contributors of the ERIKA Enterprise RTOS, as well as one of the authors of the SCHED_DEADLINE patch available
since Linux 3.14

The full press release is available here

Jun 8, 2015
Category: General

E4Coder for Scilab is now available under the standard Scilab ATOMS repository, under category "Finite State Machines (FSM)"

For updated information on how to install E4Coder, please visit the Documentation and Videos page.

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