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E4Coder is a set of tools that can be used to simulate control algorithms and to generate code for embedded microcontrollers running with or without a realtime operating system.

The idea driving the development of E4Coder was the need for a lightweight set of tools, based on open-source libraries and using open-source software on the target microcontroller, to help in the design of complex systems at reasonable license costs.

Now available for both ScicosLab and Scilab 

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E4Coder is packaged as a set of Toolboxes for Scilab and ScicosLab, a free and open software for simulation of software and system models. In particular, E4Coder includes:

  • E4Coder Code Generator, an efficient embedded code generator for microcontrollers and for general puropose systems;
  • SMCube, a finite state machine modeler and code generator;
  • E4Coder GUI, a prototyping tool for generating Graphical User Interfaces.

E4Coder also directly supports E4Box, which is an all-in-one Rapid prototyping computing box based on GNU/Linux.

The main Features of E4Coder are:

  • Support for Linux and Windows hosts.
  • Simulate continuous and discrete time designs.
  • Edit, simulate and generate code for hierarchical Finite State Machines (FSM) with parallel states support.
  • Edit, simulate and generate code for customized embedded user interface panels using E4CoderGUI.
  • Generate C/C++ code easily from Scilab and XCos diagrams for any embedded platform.
  • Generate compact and readable multithread code for embedded models with multiple rates.
  • Optimized usage of RAM and Flash.
  • Easy retargeting to new MCUs or customized hardware.
  • Generate standalone library code for small microcontrollers without an RTOS.
  • Generate a complete Real-Time project for
    • OSEK/VDX based RTOS, including the open-source Erika Enterprise RTOS.
    • Linux PThread targets, including support for the Comedi libraries.
    • RTAI targets, including support for the Comedi libraries.
    • Bare Metal targets, including support for simple main loops code generation.
    • Windows (soft real-time), including E4CoderGUI Panels, to generate GUI Prototypes easily.
  • Customize the generated code with custom data types and variable names.
  • Create custom blocks to integrate existing legacy applications, functions, and data in your Scilab or  ScicosLab project.


Request a Demo

A fully functional demo version of E4Coder is available! If you want to try it, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Also check these videos:

Videos on target boards:

Videos from scratch:

News and Events

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Oct 25, 2012
Category: General

2012, 25 October
Evidence presented the E4Coder toolset at the 10th AUTOMOTIVE SPIN Workshop in Milan, showing demos about:

  • Code generation for small embedded automotive targets
    (a DC-motor control on a Microchip Microcontroller was shown with the optimized code generated by E4Coder)
  • Finite State machines simulation and code generation
    (a multi-level parallel state machine demo was simulated with a customized GUI).
  • Panel prototyping and state machines
    (a Dashboard demo similar to the Stateflow example of the Automatic Transmission Controller with a customized GUI panel graphically representing a Dashboard was shown).

Oct 24, 2012
Category: General

After one year of intensive development, the Evidence team is proud to announce a new product, E4Coder.

E4Coder represents the first release of a toolset based on ScicosLab allowing simulation and code generation for embedded targets. E4Coder includes SMCube, allowing discrete state machine simulation and code generation, as well as E4Coder GUI, a GUI prototyper which makes easy to prototype complex user interfaces.

E4Coder is available now for purchase. If you are interested in a Feee Demo, please contact us.

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